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A conservatory is a great way of adding space to your home, either as a separate room, or as part of an open plan ground floor which is integrated with the living room and the kitchen. Recently we have seen open plan areas gain popularity, and this type of layout can be applied to conservatories too, whether you are reworking an existing space or adding space to your home.

Not only does a conservatory add space, but it adds natural light, too. The type of conservatory that does this best is known as a sunroom. While many people use their conservatories as play areas for their children or home offices, sunrooms are built primarily for relaxation. Typically, a sunroom will come with a glass roof to let the sun in. French doors are a popular choice, particularly if you prefer a more modern design. A minimalist approach to furnishing often compliments a sunroom well. However, even in autumn it might be nice to use a deck chair to take advantage of how the morning light can gradually heat up a space like this despite the colder air outside.

Staying on the subject of keeping your conservatory warm, underfloor heating can also greatly improve the feel of your conservatory. You could put it on a timer so that you never have to experience cold feet in the morning. Modern standards of insulation mean conservatories are no longer notoriously hard to keep warm in winter, but underfloor heating takes it to the next level by not taking up any space (like a radiator) and being extremely efficient.

If you would prefer to have the type of privacy that might not be afforded by the sunroom look, a traditional style conservatory might be what you’re looking for. In the 17th century conservatories were designed in a lavish atrium style and were ideal places for social events such as parties. Conservatories of this style in the modern era are known as orangeries, and are more reminiscent of house extensions than the stereotypically glass-heavy builds that people would associate with conservatories. They typically have less glass and more brickwork, therefore offering a greater sense of privacy which is often popular with families.

Whatever style of conservatory you are looking for, and whether you want to refurbish what you already have or add an extension to your home, TIG Excell has all the skills required for each stage of the process. We keep prices down by keeping everything in-house, and we’re equally comfortable working with clients who already have a strong idea of what they are looking for or clients who want to work with our architects to find the right type of conservatory for them.

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