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The design of a loft conversion will depend heavily on its purpose. Conventionally, an extra bedroom, potentially with an en suite can be added to a home. The isolation of space on a separate floor also makes a loft room ideal for working from home, which is increasingly popular with the rise of remote working. While a second living room is still a welcome addition to any home, a loft conversion offers the opportunity to create more specialised entertainment space such as a dedicated gaming room or home cinema.

This is just one part of our series that also covers the design of kitchens, bathrooms and the home in general.

Raw industrial themes

Make a feature of steel beams or wooden rafters and exposed brick work, there’s no need to reduce space by hiding them and they can beautifully contrast with modern surfaces for a “coffee shop chic” effect. This effect can be enhanced even further with edison bulb light fightings and minimalist seating. To take this to its extreme Oriented Strand Board (OSB) or similar low cost materials can be used,

Innovative storage

There is little convention when it comes to the resultant, internal shape of a loft conversion. Often supporting structures can get in the way, and sloping roofs can’t be ignored. Creating bespoke storage, that not only fills the space, but also takes into account your unique needs is the best way to make use of new loft space.

Wooden structures

New staircases or existing rafters provide an opportunity to make a feature of a natural material. Suitable for both modern, and traditional styles of design.

Casual screening

Streaming services, and high quality, affordable television screens or projectors can be easily set up in a loft conversion, away from the distractions of general living. A little comfortable furniture and a half decent sound system are all that’s needed for an engaging, convenient experience. Or, for the true cinema connoisseur, acquire a set of antique cinema seats.

Whatever type of loft conversion you are looking for, TIG Excell has the knowledge and experience required to deliver it. A well executed conversion can increase the value of a home significantly and vastly improve the experience of living in it. Get in touch today to find out more!

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