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A Hip to Gable extension is suitable for end-terrace, semi-detached and detached properties. The deciding factor is that the property must have an accessible hipped roof of suitable height.

If the existing loft space is not of sufficient height, generally around 2 metres, then the Hip to Gable conversion is rarely cost effective. A low roof would require significant work to be undertaken to allow for full use of the new space. The Hip to Gable conversion replaces the sloping roof (the hip) at either side of a property with a vertical wall (a gable). A double Hip to Gable extension would extend both sides of the roof and achieve maximum vertical space. This sort of extension can be particularly practical for bungalows, however care should be taken to ensure that the existing structure is fully able to support the additional weight.

A key advantage of the Hip to Gable extension is that, like the Dormer extension, these developments usually fall within the definition of a ‘Permitted Development’, generally avoiding the hassle and time-consuming process of obtaining planning permission. Although often somewhat smaller than a Dormer and a Mansard conversion, the Hip to Gable still generally creates enough additional space to allow for a new office, bedroom, living space, or even a bathroom.

When compared to other styles of loft conversion, the Hip to Gable typically offers the most visually pleasing result. By leaving the majority of the roof intact and extending the edges only, the property generally looks ‘cleaner’ from the outside. This can be particularly desirable when a property already has an attractive slate or tile roof that the owners would like to retain.

When working with a suitable property, the Hip to Gable conversion can be a cost effective and attractive alternative to other loft conversion options. If you’re undecided which option would be best for you, or don’t know if a Hip to Gable conversion will work for your property, please do get in touch to discuss your options. TIG excell would love to help at no obligation.

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