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The Mansard loft conversion is extremely common in towns and cities, where entire terraces can be found with this popular property extension.

When correctly built, a Mansard loft conversion can feel like a complete additional floor to a property and, if accessed from a well-built staircase, can even feel like an original part of a building’s construction. A Mansard conversion generally has a positive impact on a property’s value and offers a large increase in usable space.

Mansard loft conversions are surprisingly versatile and can be fitted to most types of property including terraces. Typically they do require planning permission, since they offer a large increase in space, but often approval is fairly painless. TIG excell are happy to assist with this process if preferred. A Mansard loft conversion typically builds on 3 sides of a property and moves the existing roof. A common variation of this is a double Mansard conversion, which adds vertical, or near vertical, walls to all sides of the building creating a full sized additional floor with a horizontal roof.

Mansard conversions are preferred by many due to their versatility. Due to the vertical walls, it’s possible to add a Juliette balcony to a Mansard conversion. This can make a wonderful aesthetic addition to a new top floor master bedroom, as well as helping keep the conversion cool during the warm summer months. What’s more, if you’ve thought of an ensuite for your loft conversion, the Mansard is also an ideal choice. The full height roof offered by the Mansard means a full height shower is easy to install, providing the plumbing allows for it.

The Mansard conversion is generally the most expensive type of loft conversion, if built to a high standard it offers a fully-featured extra floor and a significant increase in the value of the property. If you’re curious about adding a Mansard Loft conversion to your property why not reach out to the experts at TIG excell today to discuss your ideas, we’d love to help.

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