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There are many considerations to take into account when planning your loft conversion.

Often the process can be fraught with unexpected obstacles and hurdles. Perhaps you’ve discovered extensive building and construction work is not possible in your property, perhaps it’s simply too impractical, maybe you already have a useable loft space and would simply like additional natural light and better ventilation. A Skylight/Velux roof window conversion might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

A Skylight/Velux roof window conversion is the most cost effective way to transform an existing loft into a bright and airy functional space suitable for a new bedroom, living room or home office. This type of conversion boasts several major advantages over alternative options.

First and foremost, fitting Skylight/Velux roof windows is extremely permissible. No complex planning permissions or structural assessments are required. It is therefore much quicker to begin the construction. It is also much quicker to complete the construction; since the fittings require no major structural alterations. Skylight/Velux roof windows offer the fastest possible install time of any loft conversion.

When correctly installed, Skylight/Velux roof windows have an excellent seal and will retain valuable heat in a loft space. Skylight/Velux windows also maintain an impressive level of sound insulation, so you need not worry about noise affecting the enjoyment of your newly converted space. When you also consider the obvious increase in natural light these roof windows will bring into your property, it’s easy to understand why Skylight/Velux windows remain extremely popular.

Although they offer the increase in headroom of other loft extension options, the addition of Skylight/Velux windows will still completely transform a loft space into a wonderfully versatile and useable addition to any home. What’s more, this comes at a price point far below any of the alternatives. Skylight/Velux windows are undoubtedly the most economical way of adding value to your property and extending your usable living space. If you would like to discuss what Skylight/Velux options are available to you please don’t hesitate to reach out to TIG excell today for a no-obligation chat.

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