Conservatory Building and Construction

If you are a homeowner or property developer looking for conservatory building and construction services, TIG Excell are your one stop shop. We can execute your vision from start to finish, working with you to create a conservatory that adds value to your property and transforms the way it feels.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern conservatory, TIG Excell have all the skills and experience required to create an extension to your home that will complement your lifestyle. We can build a new conservatory from scratch, or we can upgrade your existing conservatory. If you simply want the size of your conservatory extending, we can do that, and we have many methods we can employ to improve thermal performance to make your conservatory more comfortable all year round.

Adding a conservatory to your home won’t just allow you to reap the benefits of added light in your home, but an extension like this can be invaluable in terms of creating space. A conservatory is an extra room in the house, but the added space doesn’t end there. Adding a conservatory gives you many extra options. It might allow you to extend your kitchen or living room into the conservatory area or even redistribute all of your other rooms. You can swap smaller spaces for large open ones thanks to your conservatory. Having extra space is never a drawback, especially in a city like London!

TIG Excell was established in 2010 but we have experience in the industry of longer than 15 years. We are equally at home taking on industrial, commercial or domestic work. At TIG excell we cater for all contracts, sub-contracts and one-off jobs. Based in Feltham we also work within the surrounding areas including Hounslow, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston upon Thames and the whole of south and west London.

Call us today on 020 8751 6243 for a free quote.

Our strong relationships with a network of suppliers and builder’s merchants mean we can often get better prices than our clients can get themselves. Organising this ourselves also helps us keep on schedule and on budget. Of course we are also happy to use materials provided.

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We always make sure we put together a detailed contract and we want our clients to have maximum of input in this process. The contract means you can be sure that we will complete the project to your complete satisfaction. We can also work according to contracts that are provided by the client.

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