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Single & Multi Storey Extensions

Planning a single or multi storey extension can be a complicated task. At TIG Excell we have the know-how to get involved in the early stages of the process to help with planning and design, ensuring you don’t run into problems further down the line. If required, we can bring on board trusted architects and structural engineers to create technical drawings and assist with the planning permission process.

Our wide range of skills extends to the building process as well. We can dig any foundations and carry out all the structural work ourselves, as well as complete any electrical or plumbing work that needs to be done. Having all of this work completed by the same company will save you the time and money required to find plumbers or electricians, and will save you the effort of making sure everyone is on the same page. We also have the skill required to add any technical features; everything from wet rooms and steam rooms to underfloor heating and velux windows can be added to your extension.

There are several ways to scale-up space, from combining adjoining rooms or adding a conservatory, to building a completely new room or digging out the basement. Extensions can add as much as 25% to the value of your property, so when they’re installed by an experienced company like TIG Excell, they can be a great financial decision for you and your family. An extension is obviously much cheaper than moving house, but it could truly transform the space you live in for the better, transforming your home life at the same time- all without the many hassles that come with finding a new place to live.

TIG Excell was established in 2010 but we have experience in the industry of longer than 15 years. We are equally at home taking on industrial, commercial or domestic work. Based in Feltham we also work within the surrounding areas including Hounslow, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston upon Thames and the whole of south and west London. If you want a free quote for a single multi storey extension, please get in touch today!

We always carry out detailed surveys to assess the full range of needs your project will require to carry it out to the highest possible standard. We don’t cut corners and we always finish the project to your satisfaction.

Our team includes talented joiners who craft beautiful internal structures from the highest quality timber. We can work to a range of styles, ensuring that new staircases or structures match the existing materials and styles.

We can source a huge range of windows to meet the needs of your project. We can get hold of many kinds of wood, PVC and skylight windows from our relationships with a number of industry suppliers. Whether you need a specialised design to match the rest of your house, or if you’re looking for something different, just let us know.

Depending on the work that we carry out we may need to erect scaffolding, but don’t worry; we will take care of all of the planning needed. We should emphasise that when we carry out this kind of project we are absolutely focussed on safety, and caring for you home. From carrying out safety briefings and following the correct safety procedures, to checking with you how to minimise disruption, we will make sure that all aspects of the project are carried out smoothly and safely.

We have a damp control surveyor who can show that what have built is damp proof. Ensuring that all of the work that we carry out is completed to the highest of standard, with the most suitable materials, is just one of the ways that we ensure that your extension is built to last.

As well as ensuring that an extension matches up with the materials and style of your existing property, we can do landscaping to make the garden match too lawn, fence, decking, paving.

We can commit to a deadline as part of the contract. By carrying out all work in house we have the control to keep to a schedule while keeping quality as high as possible. We have completed kitchen extensions in three weeks, but normally this type of job would take roughly three to six weeks. Internal work can take longer.

Depending on what kind of extension you are looking for, you may need architectural drawings and calculations form a structural engineer. We can work with you to create these from qualified professionals, or we can take plans that you already have and turn them into reality.

Maybe. Depending on where you live and what you want to do, your project may be allowed as a “Permissible Development” which often allows around 3 to 4 meters of extension without planning permission. Get in touch, and we can give you practical advice on what’s best for your situation. If needed we can take care of drawing up technical plans and securing planning permission for you as part of our all inclusive service.

We are confident enough in our ability to meet estimated completion times that we can include penalties for a delayed project, if you would like to include this in our contract.

We always make sure we put together a detailed contract and we want our clients to have maximum of input in this process. The contract means you can be sure that we will complete the project to your complete satisfaction. We can also work according to contracts that are provided by the client.

This is not a requirement, but we can work from rough concepts or technical drawings that our client already has. Alternatively, we can work with an architect or structural engineer to turn your ideas into formal drawings.

Planning permission can be a tricky area, and requirements change depending on the local authority you are dealing with. We can save you a lot of trouble by sorting this out ourselves and including this service in the final price, or you can have as much involvement in the process as you like. Our professional experience means we can offer plenty of advice on what’s realistic. We can do everything from the initial application, organising building control and visiting the site, or we are happy to take on projects where planning permission has already been granted.

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