Steam Showers

If you want to get all the benefits of a steam room from your bathroom, a steam shower might be the answer! At TIG Excell we have all the qualifications and experience required for a job like this, and our high level of workmanship means you won’t run into problems like steam and water leakage that you might get with other companies.

A job like this requires a combination of plumbing and electrician related skills which TIG Excell can deliver at a fair price. We are also experienced tilers, another essential part of installing a high quality steam shower. Our designers can work with you to achieve exactly what you want with this type of installation, and our ability to bring a range of skills together ‘in-house’ means we can keep control of price and we won’t hit you with any hidden costs.

Steam rooms are commonly found in gyms, and there are many benefits of essentially turning your bathroom into one. Firstly, they are a great way of relaxing and relieving stress. The heat reduces tension in your muscles, and according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association they have a fatiguing effect which can make them great to use before bed for people who have trouble sleeping.

Many use steam rooms as part of their skin care routine, as they help to open up pores, reducing blemishes or opening up the skin before shaving to reduce the chances of razor burn. Vasodilation caused by steam can have a positive effect on blood pressure and the process can even help remove the metabolic waste produced from exercise.

If you are interested in installing a steam shower in your home, get in touch with TIG Excell today and you could soon be enjoying the health benefits of this bathroom upgrade! We offer services right across West London, Heathrow, Richmond, Feltham, Hounslow, Surrey and more, contact us today for a no obligation quotation and helpful advice on building the bathroom want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steam Showers

Absolutely. We take great care in ensuring your property is protected from damage from the time we start our work to the completion of the project. Before we begin we always ensure that our client’s floors, walls and furniture are all protected. If needed, we will set up a skip in a way that protects your property so that everything is well contained and easy to remove when our work is over.

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We can install a wide variety of shower types, but the height of the ceiling is the main constraint. We can fit full wetrooms, steam showers and other specialist bathroom fittings to make the best use of the space you have.

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In some cases, an extra bathroom may require some plumbing upgrades. Not all systems can cope with the extra pressure and quantity of water needed by an additional, high up bathroom. As highly qualified and experienced plumbers we can find the best way to make sure that your heating system meets the needs of your home.

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