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Underfloor Heating Installation

TIG excell offer underfloor heating installation services in south and west London. This type of heating is quickly gaining popularity as it is more efficient than the more traditional methods of warming a house. For example, it doesn’t leave the cold spots that can often exist in homes with central heating and radiators.

You might think that underfloor heating systems can only be set up in new builds, but we install many of them in older houses where the owner is looking for a new way to heat their home. It is a great choice for people who want to save space and improve the aesthetics of a room by not having radiators.

Underfloor heating can be controlled by a thermostat on a room-by-room basis, preventing you from wasting money on heating rooms that aren’t being used. Many of our customers install it in specific rooms in order to maximise its effectiveness. Tiled kitchens and bathrooms are a good choice for this type of heating as it allows you to easily maintain a pleasant temperature- no more cold tiles in the morning!

We specialise in electric underfloor heating, using thin wires that won’t raise floor levels, making them an ideal choice for refurbishment projects. Underfloor electric heating is generally installed under stone or tiled floors, but they can work with carpet as long as its thickness doesn’t prevent heat from moving upwards into the room. There are also many types of vinyl flooring that underfloor heating is compatible with. Our experienced technicians will advise you on whether this type of heating system is viable in your home.

Alongside underfloor heating, TIG excell can also improve your underfloor insulation. An average of 10% of heat loss from homes is through the ground floor, and we have many options to help you save money depending on the specifications of your house.

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